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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    Bonnie McKee and Natasha Bedingfield cover Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” with toy instruments on “Make A Band Famous” (VH1)

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    Private concert in Malaysia

    From Natasha Twitter : “I’m in #Malaysia for the day. Doing a special show for #spg hotel members. So fun, to sing somewhere I’ve never been. Wish I could stay longer but kind of fun to tiptoe in and out like a ninja”

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    AUDIO: Who I am

    Apparently it seems another version of the trailer song. Listen here:

    We also found this video of her interview + new parts of the song. Watch:

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    New produced song

    New song produced by Natasha &  T. Smith called “Non mi Ami” . That song is from the new album of Giorgia, one of the best and magnificent  voice of the  Italian music market. I have made this to seize only the music of the song. Enjoy the listened Non mi Ami (Instrumental)

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    The demo version of “Weightless” Feat. Andre Merritt

    “Weightless” should have been the third single extracted by Strip me, but Natasha didn’t do that. Maybe when she released the song in airplay it didn’t received much  consideration. Officially there are 3 versions of this song:

    1°- Weightless (Album version);

    2° – Weightless ( More than less);

    3° – Weightless (Feat. Jamie Foxx);

    now we have an other version of this one, a demo version with Andre Merritt a compositor of the song.


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    Twitter Q&A this Thursday 9/5 at 2pm PST!


    Make sure to follow her at https://twitter.com/Natashabdnfield
    and start sending your questions using the hashtag #askNatashaB

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    ”New” Old cover : ”Brown Skin” of India.Arie


    In Live section of Napster,in 2004, Natasha sang Unwritten, I bruise easily , These words and Brown skyn a cover of India Arie’s song.

    Listen :


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    Natasha live at The Final 1 Singapore Grand Finale + Interview

    Natasha Bedingfield had been in Singapore once before with her family when she was really young but Wednesday night (21 Aug) was the first time she performed ‘live’ here. Natasha shared that it felt wonderful when she saw the crowd standing up especially during her performance of ‘Unwritten’. We caught up with the British singer-songwriter backstage after the finale of The Final 1 to find out more about her upcoming plans as well as her thoughts on reality singing competitions.

    Her upcoming album is almost here!

    Speaking of her upcoming fourth studio album, Natasha shared that she had been in the studio recording for the past two years and is really excited about the songs which she has come up with. She also revealed that fans can expect the album to be out early next year!

    “You aim for a date for an album but you don’t want to release it until it’s really ready.”

    She also shared that she would be heading to Japan to shop as well as to the New York Fashion Week. She claimed that all the “fashion stuff” which she is doing is research for her music videos as well as her album cover. Well, any excuse to shop right?

    With regards to a possible tour, Natasha said that she would possibly do one next year and assured us that she will be back here if she does saying, “Absolutely, I have to come back to Singapore.”

    Another Nicki Minaj collaboration?

    Since her last album Strip Me, she has also been busy recording collaborations with several artistes like Simple Plan on the track ‘Jet Lag’ and Lifehouse on the track ‘Between The Raindrops’. She shared with us some of the inspirations behind the collaborations.

    She revealed that Rascal Flatts called her up told her to listen to the song ‘Easy’ which she fell in love with it as it reflected the types of songs she writes; “songs about real experience”.

    Natasha also shared about ‘Last Chance’, which was her collaboration with Nicki Minaj on Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday. Natasha got a call a week before Minaj’s album was completed requesting that she put her voice in the album too.

    She later revealed that she has been working on “some other stuff” with Minaj too! Do we hear another collaboration in the works?

    “The ocean’s a big barrier”

    When we asked Natasha on what she thought was the biggest challenge in breaking out into the international market, she almost immediately replied, “language’. She then added, “Luckily, music seems to transcend that barrier”.

    She then jokingly said that the other biggest barrier was the ocean, telling us that it was challenging to “try to get across the sea and all those places at once, at the same time”.

    Winning a reality singing competition

    We also quizzed Natasha on what she thought it took to win a talent competition.

    “It takes uniqueness, relatability, likeability. The fact that the audience is voting means that you need them to like you.” She also added that there is that “extra special thing” which some people have that makes them stars.

    Check out the video to find out why Natasha would not record a single with her siblings and what song she would sing if she auditioned for a singing competition! Video:http://www.meradio.sg/musicportal/mainframe

    Source: http://www.meradio.com

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