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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    Natasha’s birthday is coming! Celebrate Natasha’s bday with her

    Hey guys, check out Natasha’s facebook update (Nov. 11th)

    Hi, Everyone! My birthday is next Monday, and I want to celebrate it with you!

    Send me a photo or video clip of yourself in your best party outfit by the end of the week to:


    And keep your eye out for a special gift from me to you. Xx

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    These Words turns 8!

    Hye guys, check out Natasha’s blog update (Oct. 4th)

    Wow! Today my second ever single, “These Words” is celebrating its eighth birthday!

    Guess it’s true that time flies, and it definitely has been fun! I can’t believe this song was released eight years ago. I remember sitting in the studio back in 2004 looking for inspiration. A couple of drum loops and reading of great poets later, and “These Words” was born.

    To celebrate this milestone I’ve decided to run a little competition giving you the chance to share what inspires you. What makes you tick? Do you have anything, stories / art / pictures that would inspire me? I find myself at the same place that I was all those 8 years ago – with an open mind and heart. I’m making my new album, and I’m excited, but I don’t want to give away too much… just to say I think you’ll love it! I would love you to send me your inspirations over on Twitter using #FindTheMagic.

    It can be anything from pictures, YouTube links, text, poems, whatever inspire me.

    My favourite ‘These Words’ inspiration will be rewarded with a treat, so stay tuned…

    Natasha xx

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    [BLOG UPDATE + VIDEO] Sending massive Christmas love to anyone reading.

    Sending massive Christmas love to anyone reading.

    My name Natasha means “Christmas Child” so I feel somehow that that gives me the qualifications to be the one to exclaim “Happy Yule-tide!” May this holiday season be a joyful time for you and all your family, a moment to pause from the craziness of life and fill up the love banks. Life can be really tough sometimes but I know that when you have good people around you it can make it easier. Let’s celebrate those loved ones who love us for who we truly are or for who we should be.

    Thank you to everyone on here for your support. I’ve just made a little video (below) for my “Shake Up Christmas” song. Hope it makes you smile.


    Source: Official Facebook page

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    New blog: BLOG UPDATES


    Posted June 22th, 2011. Read below:

    Love this skirt so much I didn’t want to take it off. This photo was taken when I was trying on clothes for the simple plan video.

    We ended up going with a more vintage bathrobe thing as all my scenes were shot in a bedroom as I was pining away for my lover. Alas I never got to wear the skirt as much as I loved it.

    Posted June 07th, 2011. Read below:

    I found this on a bridge in Cologne . It’s such a wonderfully romantic idea. Lovers attach a lock to the rail of the bridge with their names etched on them. They then throw the key in the river where it will remain forever. What a beautiful symbolic action to celebrate eternal love.

    Posted June 06th, 2011. Read below:

    I’m sure it’s no secret that one of the things I’m crazy about is shoes. As you can imagine a girl like me collects a LOT of stilettos and shoes in all shapes, sizes and hues.

    One of the things I’ve started paying attention to as I’ve been traipsing around with my canon camera is what other people are wearing on there toes. At the moment I am LOVING anything bold bright and unusual, colours that scream for attention. Especially on the feet for some reason – when I spot a particularly bright colour it does something for me. You know, produces a little secret jump of joy.

    Anyway, I am now documenting any of the stand out footware I should happen to spy. I shall call this display of images ‘Run-run-run’ in honour of my song with the same title and also to represent the incredibly varied walks of life each person takes. Check them out below.

    You know the phrase ‘walk a mile in my shoes’? I could spend hours pondering this concept. We each have our own set of challenges and blessings. Our own road. What would it really be like to swap and be in someone else’s life, could I handle it?

    Anyway, random thoughts on a Monday morning. Gotta go. My chariot awaits! Look out for more pictures of shoes I’ll be posting. I’m on the hunt! Here are a few more below…






    Posted May 26th, 2011. Read below:

    What do you think of this pic guys?

    Posted May 19th, 2011. Read below:

    My album is out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland today!

    Source: Official Website

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    New Blog: The dangers of flash photography

    New blog from Natasha. Posted May 26th, 2011. Read below:

    “My dress just pulled a TSA X-ray machine move on me. I was at an event where I was the only one in a dress that covered me head to toe and it somehow became see thru with a camera flash at night. I’m devastated! It seems these new HD cameras with their blinding flashes have superman powers men have only ever dreamed of.

    Sorry mum and dad that u had to see that! A complete accident!

    Here’s a pic of me getting ready for the life ball with Sean Patterson – my date for the night.”

    Source: Official Website (www.natashabedingfield.com)

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    New Blog: The new look official site coming soon!

    New blog from Natasha. Posted May 26th, 2011. Read below:

    “Hey everyone!

    I’m working on my website at the moment and that should be around in the next week, all shiny and new. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m going to start blogging again as I’ve realised the constraints of the 140 characters off Twitter! I find myself having more to say so keep checking this blog as it will be full of new morsels from me! It won’t be linked with Twitter, but fear not my Tweethearts, I will still be Tweeting as I won’t be able to resist the Twitter binge!

    Kisses, Natasha xx

    Source: Official Website (www.natashabedingfield.com)

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    [Blog] Meeting President Obama

    Here is the latest update from Natasha (Posted 16.12.2009) …

    ‘Introducing my new mate Obama!’ Yes, i got to meet him – ain’t he tall! I’m wearing the highest heels I have in this picture and he still towers over me.’


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    [Blog] IN THE STUDIO

    Here is the latest update from Natasha (Posted 10.09.2009) …

    Hey everyone! I just arrived in NY for a couple of days.

    I finally went to Jamaica! Last week my hubby and I went to the homeland of Marley and so many of my London mates, for an event raising funds for a fantastic organisation called Waterkeepers. It’s all about fighting to keep the worlds water unpolluted.

    Man I’m telling you, I fell in love with Jamaica. I grew up with so many Londoners with Jamaican roots and have always wanted to go. Serious, it has something special about it for sure. Caribbean culture and music really influenced me growing up; no wonder Amy and Shakira spend so much time there. It’s still very inspiring musically. I was talking with the minister of tourism about the possibility of doing a gig there – I’d love that.

    Anyway, just wanted to touch base with everyone on here. I’m still writing for the next album. It should be out sometime early next year hopefully. I’ve been writing with Kleerup, John Hill, Wycleff, Salaam Remy, Ryan Tedder, Sia, Eg White, Wayne Wilkins, Phonogenic, Mike Elizondo, John Shanks, Danielle Brisebois and some others.

    You all know, writing is my favourite part of the music process. I’m really savoring it and working on a sound that is fresh and brings everything up a few notches. I can’t wait for you to hear the new material. Meanwhile check out the music of some of my MySpace mates. I love them!

    Check out my Friend MPHO’s video. She is incredible.

    Also this video rocks! I love this girl.

    I love robyn
    love this video – handle me



    Love Tasha

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    [Blog] Natasha Update

    Here is the latest update from Natasha (Posted 06.08.2009) …

    Hi my peeps! I am waist deep in the joys of album writing land at the moment. This is my favourite part of being an artist … the creating! When i get in the flow I really throw myself heart and soul in. Its nice to put aside the promotion side of my career and really focus on what attracted me to music in the first place. Im really enjoying making music for music sake, the honesty of that, the digging deep and not focussing on my own image and how I present my songs but on the making of the actual material. Its a time to think outside of the box. To challenge my self, to get inspired.

    Ive been looking through old record shops, tearing out pages from fashion mags, thumbing through art that says something like Banksy’s stuff and doing my own photography, dreaming up ideas and seeing what they inspire.

    im also inspired by the people I collabarate with. Danielle brisebois and John shanks – both insanely talented, Wycleff – he is so wise. Estelle my brit sista who also had a massive hit in us radio last year like me.

    pictured below.. i wrote with sam sparro… love him. Sia, such a truly beautiful soul, shes one of my favourite artists. At this stage its all about just writing and collabaration and making music im into.

    Thank you all for your patience. Especially those fans in Europe waiting patiently while I’ve been away in the states. Im still part way through making this album so it wont be until the end of the year that i start really introducing it,

    But i promise to try to keep you included in the process and progress over the next half a year.

    By the way some of my friends have told me i have a twitter imposter who keeps posting silly messages pretending to be me. Make sure when you sign up to my twitter you check it is my official one. i only just started using it so theres not much on it yet.. but just saying.

    my twitter name is


    love you all

    Natasha also added some personal pictures on her blog. Check out:

    Natasha’s Blog Images

    NatashaPictures.com has more than 10.000 pictures about Natasha. WOW

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    [Blog] A Note from Natasha

    Here is the latest update from Natasha (Posted 05.04.2009) …

    Hey you lot!

    Writing is going well. I’m very excited about getting the next record out when its finished. just in case you were wondering what I’m up to. I’ve been creating songs almost everyday the last few weeks.
    Just was in studio last week with Wycleff. He is such a musical genius.
    Met with Sam Sparro this week. We are gonna make a cool collaboration. I have a good feeling about that one.
    Right now I’m in the studio of Mike Elizondo. I wrote with him on my last record. We have about 4 songs we are writing at the same time. I like working with him so much. He is so versatile and plays almost every instrument excellently.

    Going home to UK in a month for a bit of writing there. I can’t wait. It has been a while since I was last there. Just been a bit preoccupied getting married and honeymooning and writing; that’s all kept me away in the states for a while.

    Also my song soul mate is playing a lot of radio here in the states a lot right now. I performed it on Dancing with the Stars last week. Some of the dancers from the show danced while I sang. It added a nice twist to the song. I’m glad I was just singing rather than dancing on that show. It looks hard!

    love Tasha

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