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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    Natasha Bedingfield on Her ‘Tangled: The Series’ Credits Song & Why She Relates to Rapunzel

    Natasha Bedingfield lends her vocals to the end-credits song “More of Me” for Disney Channel’s Tangled: The Series, a new show set between the stories of the Tangled film and the short film Tangled Ever After — and it’s premiering exclusively on Billboard.

    The upbeat tune highlights Rapunzel’s newfound freedom and her connection with the world surrounding her. The chorus’ lyrics — written by Andy Dodd and Dewain Whitmore Jr. — say, “Whatever I want now/ I’m gonna chase it/ Who I am, I can’t contain it.” The words draw striking parallels to Bedingfield’s hit 2004 single “Unwritten,” in which she belts “No one else can speak the words on your lips/ Drench yourself in words unspoken/ Live your life with arms wide open.”

    Bedingfield agrees, telling Billboard the collaboration was a perfect match, since she is no stranger to Rapunzel’s unending curiosity and excitement. “I wake up in the morning and I’m like, ‘There are a lot of experiences outside my door that I could be missing if I don’t get out of the house.’ That’s the way I look at the world.”

    Additionally, the singer-songwriter has a lifelong connection with Disney, since, growing up, she was only allowed to listen to Disney songs and “a few ’70s albums, like Stevie Wonder.”

    “I definitely relate to the character in Tangled,” she says. “I feel like every human being has the same feeling about them — that there’s so much more to them than we know. We all want to be understood and we all want to be known. We’re all three-dimensional and have different sides to us.”

    As for Bedingfield’s own music, she’s working on her next album and is touring with Train this summer. She is releasing a single, “Love Looks Like,” in collaboration with creative production space Art House on March 30.

    Bedingfield tells Billboard she couldn’t be happier. “I’m living the dream right now,” she says. “It’s not about hits; it’s about having a full musical life.”


    Click here to view the song’s lyrics.

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    [INTERVIEW] Natasha Bedingfield: Forward Thinking

    Natasha Bedingfield is one of the UK’s most successful female exports. Her debut album, Unwritten, sold 2.3 million records back in 2004, and several of her songs also made it to mega status across the pond. Although out of the UK limelight for the last few years (she now resides in LA), she’s in the middle of a brand new album, and is writing more prolifically than ever. She’s also just brought out a new single, Hope, in collaboration with fashion brand, Philosophy and its Hope & Grace charity initiative, and she has a refreshingly positive outlook on the music industry – a pretty rare thing in today’s gloom-infested times.

    “Philosophy, as a brand, is one of my favourites, and I want to work with people that I feel in line with, message-wise; it’s a positive company, and the first of its kind to support mental health,” Natasha informs me. “And that really resonated with me because there is so much craziness in the [music] industry, and just in the world in general. You hear so many stories of people that you think are so happy and then they’re committing suicide; it feels like craziness is celebrated, like a spectacle, but the truth of it is, so many people feel very alone.”

    Natasha prides herself on trying to remain balanced, which can’t be easy in a business where, as Ronan Keating famously put it, life is a roller-coaster.

    “When you’re doing well, you’re like a God, so how do you stay down to earth?” she ponders. “Between every album, it goes up and down; everyone knows you and wonders if you can make a comeback, and then you do. I see a lot of my peers being pushed into a state of imbalance, and I think this is a really good issue to focus on.”

    I agree. Aside from the glitz and glam, this industry is notorious for its demons. If there was less of a stigma associated with mental illness, or if people felt others were also going through their pain, it would be a little easier to combat. And on that note, twenty-percent of the revenue from her new single (out now on iTunes) will go to the Hope & Grace initiative“This song isn’t really a single for me, it’s a collaboration between myself and something that I strongly believe in,” says Natasha, with a sense of drive. “Releasing music as a product, as yourself, can actually damage art, so for the new record I am working on, I’ve decided to make music for the fans, not for the executives: what do people want to hear, and what do I like, you know?”

    If her hits Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine are anything to go by (both were huge in the US), then the new album, which is out later this year, could well be a belter.

    “I hope so! Since I came to the US, I’ve just been on a wave,” she smiles. “I’ve done a lots of shows here, and I’ve written lots of songs, and I’ve travelled the world doing corporate stuff, but I haven’t toured for some time, and that’s what I would love to do again.”


    Unlike a lot of artists, Natasha thinks the ‘new look’ industry of today is one that people should embrace and be excited about, as it’s providing more opportunity for many artists across the board.

    “The Internet is now so important, and it’s so much easier for people to connect; it’s a great avenue for new singers to get their music out without needing a middle man,” she insists. “To me, this is really exciting, and has burst the doors wide open. People are not being forced to listen to things as much, as they have more control. The real challenge for artists today is to be heard above the noise – what makes your music more listenable than anything else, you know? And I think this changes the way that people market themselves. Artists are putting their stuff out online, then it goes viral, and that seems to be a way that is really working.”

    Natasha believes that ‘anyone can find gold and strike it rich’, and suggests that record labels are getting more and more concerned. It’s a valid point, we think.

    “Think about it. Labels don’t create the music, they just find people who create it,” she explains. “But if you’re someone who does create music, you shouldn’t be concerned. I know I’m not worried; I have a very deep well, and I can pull water. I am writing songs every day, and haven’t dried up.”

    The UK and US music scenes have always crossed over, and the new buzz word between the two territories today seems to be collaboration, as so many artists from both sides of the pond are now making plenty of music together. “You have to be open to working with other people to achieve success,” Natasha insists. “Look at Sam Smith; he was on everyone’s records as well as his own, then there’s Iggy Azalea, who is another good example. And I like that. Music should be much more about a culture – an experience rather than this one person that everyone worships. Music is powerful, andthewaytogetitoutistokeep building momentum. You’ll see people rise to the top, but often, it’s taken them years, especially songwriters. You might see a guitarist on stage that is just beyond brilliant, but what you don’t see are the hours they’ve put into their craft becoming the best guitarist ever.”


    And talking of being on stage, Natasha loves nothing more, and the experience has just got a whole lot better, thanks to her decision to acquire a set of JH Audio JH16 in-ear monitors. Compared to anything else she has worked with, it’s night and day, she says:

    “I love singing live and I love the reverb that comes back, but when I first started out, I was on wedges, and it got complicated because you’d have everybody singing along, which is beautiful for an artist to hear, but technically it bounces back, so it’s very hard to hear the music.

    “New singers normally end up singing too hard, and you can end up hurting your voice if you do that; and from my perspective, that was the key point for me to start using in-ear monitors. It took a while to get used to, but switching to JH in-ears has completely revolutionised the way I perform. I love the detail that they give me, and they give me a great stereo image… Oh, and they make them in wonderful colours, too! [laughs]”

    Natasha is a real advocate of social media, and for several reasons: one, it gives her direct contact with her fans; and two, it saves her from getting writer’s cramp:

    “I remember when I was getting sent letters, you know? [smiles] And it was always hard to respond to them, because you’d have to buy a stamp for each one, and it’s a lot of extra work. There were a lot of them too, so replying to mail used to be very tough. But today, thanks to these social platforms, it’s much easier to connect, and I really like that.”

    So how does she feel about the mp3 evolution, and the death of the CD?

    “I actually never liked CDs! I know that’s a weird thing to say, but I never thought they were very functional, as I would buy one and then it would just stay there on the shelf,” she replies. “I love that you can pick and choose songs today. It’s difficult for the industry, yes, but on a practical level, making your own playlists is like making mix tapes, which is much more personal. Besides, people don’t often even want to listen to a whole album these days.

    “Yes, we’re losing a lot of sound quality, and often I’ll be in the mixing room and I’ll think, ‘this is the best it’s ever going to sound’, because no-one will ever hear it as it was intended, but I don’t think many people realise that, so I do think there will be a move towards that in a few years.”

    And what about streaming?

    “I like the format of Spotify, and it makes more sense, like Netflix does, where you can watch the movies you want to watch when you want, and I think that should be the same with music,” she admits. “It’s like the new radio, but it’s not monetised right, and I think people are actually stealing. Spotify needs to work out how to distribute the money better… I guess technology is just moving quicker than the laws!”


    Conversation turns to stand-out musical moments, and rather than go down the self-indulgent route, Natasha, in what I am now realising is true Natasha fashion, chooses to look at the crop of new talent that is coming up instead.

    “There’s so much talent out there, and you never know who’s going to make it, and that’s what excites me,” she says, passionately. “A year ago, I was asked to sing a VH1 show with Iggy Azalea, and now she is winning awards, which is amazing; and when Nicki Minaj was making her first album, her record company called mine and said she would love to have me on the record, and everyone was like, ‘who’s Nicki?’ They said she was going be the next hugest thing, so we got on there, and I obviously liked her stuff too, and within a week, her album comes out and she is just huge! I just love that! To me, something exciting and moving is getting to feel a part of another artist’s journey.”

    Our interview is drawing to a close, and I’m realising that Natasha has had a very positive and uplifting effect on me. No-one likes a hater, and if music is easier to make and easier to put out, then I guess what’s not to like?

    “Exactly! There is a lot of doom and gloom, and that is because of fear, and I don’t like that. I don’t think fear creates a good culture for creativity at all, and I’d rather look at possibility,” Natasha concludes. “It’s like the Wild West: there are a lot of rules being reinvented, some people are breaking the rules, but what are the rules?! [smiles] Those are the questions that I feel like asking at this time. Good music will be good whenever you put it out, and this year for me is about getting my record out there and showing it to people. It’s really hard to hold back when you know you’ve got good music, but I will know when the time is right. It’s like a puzzle, but one I feel excited about!”


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    [INTERVIEW] Worth the wait for Natasha Bedingfield

    Bangkok gladly puts its arms around British pop princess Natasha Bedingfield

    British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield unleashed the power for Thai fans last Tuesday, her voice resounding around Parc Paragon for Siam Paragon’s ninth-anniversary party.

    In the space of just three albums, she’s already produced a long string of hits – “Unwritten”, “These Words (I Love You, I Love You)”, “Soulmate”, “Put Your Arms Around Me”, “Love Like This”, “I Bruise Easily”, “Again” – and sold 2.3 million discs.

    Bedingfield is geared up for a fourth album next year, she told us during a chat before the show.


    My parents came to Thailand before I was born – my mother was pregnant with my brother at the time. They wanted to come back but never managed it. I’ve always wanted to come and it was on my list of places to go. So, when I was asked to come, I couldn’t say no!


    I’ve spent the last three or four years writing for the new album. It’s nearly ready and I’m just waiting for the right time to bring it out. I’m so excited, because when you’re writing new music it feels so good, and it’s like a secret that nobody knows about yet. You’re writing a collection of songs that need to have a flow, a story to tell.

    On this album I’ll be focusing on the vocal tone. When people hear it, they’ll hear themselves in it.


    Because I write my own songs and I have to come up with the material myself. It normally takes about two years for an album, but this one has been a bit longer. I start to think the album is ready, and then I write a few more songs and I’m, like, “Oh, this is even better!”

    In a way writing songs is the same way as digging for gold. You find gold, and you keep digging and you find even better gold. The question that every songwriter has is when is the time to stop digging and cash your gold in.


    For me a good song needs to have a good lyric and a number of other things that have to be satisfying for me to release it. I could write songs just for me, but I also write songs for other people, so I have to think about what people are going to feel when they hear it and what they’re going to talk about.

    But I do go back and change songs that I’ve written because there’s the production aspect. Production is like putting on your makeup. With songwriting I’ve made my biggest mistakes and had my biggest successes, so I’m not afraid to try anything. The way my process works is that I brainstorm – I throw out lots of ideas out, and then I take out all the good ones. There’s no judging – it’s a process to get into a very creative mindset.


    I found myself a lot through music. I grew up quite a shy kid, and music has given me courage. Whenever something difficult occurs in my life, I’m able to process it with music and come out feeling hopeful.


    I love Stevie Wonder – that’s the first album I bought. I love a lot of male singers, actually, people like Sting, Bruno Mars and Jeff Buckley. There’s something soothing about male voices. I grew up listening to Lauryn Hill, Bjork, the Cardigans, the Beatles, Radiohead, Eminem and a lot of things.


    I would love to do a song with James Brown. I love his energy, and you couldn’t have had Michael Jackson without James Brown. And I’d probably do “I Feel Good” with him.


    All my brothers and sister – everyone does music! Yes, it was a fun way to grow up. My brother would do beat-boxing while doing the dishes. I didn’t sing very well – I was exploring and trying to sing like Bjork, and that was really annoying for everyone.

    Anyone who does music, you have to thank their parents, because they obviously put up with a lot, like having kids banging on drums all the time and things like that.


    I would be too much [laughs]. We’re all very energetic! My brother [Daniel Bedingfield] is the biggest inspiration for me – he’s the one who got me into music. He’s two years older and I learned everything I know from him.


    I live EDM! The first music I wrote – we didn’t call it EDM at the time – we called it dance music, house or garage. It’s become so big now. It’s become the new pop. I love it and I’ve written with quite a few DJs. Actually, in America I had five No 1 dance hits, because every song released there gets remixed.


    It’s a wonderful time because new artists can really put their music out – they don’t have to be signed. I think the challenge now is that a lot of people watch something, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly good. Sometimes it’s like a circus, really. A lot of people watch something really bad just because of how bad it is. There’s so much information out there, but I think there’s a place for everyone.


    For me it’s always an evolution. It’s about growing as an artist and as a composer. You have to stay in touch with your audience to stay in line with how their heart is beating. It’s important to have your eyes and ears open. Some people get old quickly because they stop growing. The secret of staying young is learning and having fun.


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    Ariana Grande talks about Natasha Bedingfield for Marie Clare Magazine

    Ariana Grande ditched the red hair dye as well as the Nickelodeon princess image when she went from actress to singer – but she’s been wanting to make R&B music since she was a young pup!

    Before she took the world by storm as a singer, Ariana was famous for her roles in Nickelodeon’s Victorious and the spin off Sam & Cat, but she was eager to shed the innocent image when she made the transition.

    Ariana told Marie Clare, “I was 14 years old and ready to make an R&B album. I was like, ‘Where is that Mary J Blige collab? Where is that Natasha Bedingfield writing session? Where is my session with India.Arie? I’m ready. Let’s go’.”


    Make sure to watch Arian’s cover for Unwritten:

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    Natasha Bedingfield Shares Life Lessons from The Pirate Fairy + Full Song


    By Babble.com

    Pixie dust, switched talents, furtive alchemy, skullduggery on the high seas — all that and more is part of a new Disney movie set in the world of Peter Pan.

    Called The Pirate Fairy, the film will set sail on Blu-ray and DVD April 1, with global pop star Natasha Bedingfield lending her voice to the title track, “Who I Am,” along with a second song called “Weightless.”

    The British-born Grammy-nominated chanteuse has recorded what is arguably the most memorable — and danceable — pop music ever (“Unwritten” is my totem), making the opportunity to sit down with her to talk fairies and singing and life lessons and her childhood love of Disney movies (she can sing the lyrics to every single Disney song) that much more exciting.

    Getting on board with the film was easy for Bedingfield. She says: “… They approached me to sing and I of course said ‘yes.’ I think Disney has had a very high standard of music from the start. It’s real music with orchestras and popular singers.”

    What’s more, Bedingfield identifies with fairies, mainly because of their feisty personalities and ethereal sense of style. “They’re mystical and a lovely idea,” she says. “And I love that Disney heroines are cheeky when facing a challenge. You can’t have an adventure without things going wrong. There has to be something to conquer, something to pull out the good in you. You have to have challenges or life would be a boring story.”

    “We’re all discovering who we are,” she says of what she feels is the major life lesson from the movie. “Zarina’s born into a certain structure and way of doing things, and she just finds herself being quite different. She’s inquisitive, she’s very smart, she doesn’t really fit in, and I think a lot of people relate to that.”

    “Then she goes on her journey and she makes mistakes and she hurts the people she loves, but she comes around, and through the grace of the people around her who are also learning through her experience, it shows that progression,” she says. “Through finding ourselves and loving ourselves and the people around us we can all grow.”

    “One of the reasons I did the movie, aside from loving Disney, is because of my nieces. I wanted to be in something they would see and take them to the premiere. I’d love to do more movies in general,” she adds. “I love making movies and I think it would be fun to do a whole soundtrack. Or a character!”

    Well, the rest is still unwritten.

    Make sure to check the full version of the song above:

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    INTERVIEW: Natasha Bedingfield urges girls to “love your body”


    By Sheknows.com

    The Pirate Fairy focuses on a perky dust-keeper fairy named Zarina who likes to think for herself and ends up causing all kinds of trouble. Natasha Bedingfield sings Zarina’s inner thoughts and emotions. We asked Bedingfield to tell us about this dynamic character.

    “Zarina is a fairy that’s grown up with other fairies but finds out that she’s different. She asks questions and doesn’t really fit into the mold of the way fairies are supposed to behave. The story is about her finding herself.”

    The song she sings in the movie is called “Who I Am.” “It’s all about being free to find out who you are. I quite like doing this character, I feel like I relate to her. I never really felt like I fit into the mold,” she said.

    We asked Bedingfield if she could share an instance where she felt awkward or out of place in her own life.

    ‘I felt like that growing up because I was homeschooled for a few years and that was a very odd thing to do in England, particularly. But it really works for me now in the pop industry because I write songs that appeal to people but they’re not typical. Sometimes, you don’t fit in with everyone else, but it ends up being to your benefit.”

    The Pirate Fairy also features Tinker Bell and other characters from Peter Pan, only they’re much younger in this Peter Pan-origin story that explains how many of the characters, like Captain Hook, came to be.

    “There’s little clues in it when you’re watching, [and] you’ll go, ‘Oh, wow, that’s how that happened.’ You meet the crocodile which ends up being the adult crocodile who chases Hook. In this movie he’s just a baby.”

    As for growing up with Disney films, the singer said, “I really loved Dumbo. I didn’t have big ears, though I liked him anyway.”

    But in terms of which Disney characters she most related to, she said, “It would have been all the princesses. Disney princesses are always a little bit rebellious, a little bit outside of the box, they often have tragedy in their life and they work out how to overcome it.”

    Being part of a Disney movie means that a lot of little girls will be looking up to Bedingfield. We asked her if she had a message for these young ladies.

    “It’s important to love your body. You are perfect because you are you. We’re given the body that we are born with, so you’ve got to learn to love it,” she said. Very good advice.

    Natasha Bedingfield is currently working on a new album, set to release later this year.

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    Brandy: “Natasha Bedingfield once told me that when she sings she feels like she’s flying”

    Looks like Natasha’s friendship with Brandy inspires the teen-sensation singer and actress, who’s celebrating 20 years in showbusiness.

    In a recent interview, Brandy talked about Natasha Bedingfield. Check it out:

    You’ve been performing live recently – how have the shows been going?
    I’ve been flying! Natasha Bedingfield once told me that when she sings she feels like she’s flying, and I said I never really feel like that because I’m always worried about other things, but recently I’ve been more able to just let go. Now I’m so full of energy and love.

    I’m pretty sure that Natasha feels so happy right now.

    Make sure to read the full interview here

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    Natasha Bedingfield is “honoured” to count Britain’s Duchess Catherine as a fan.


    The ‘These Words’ singer, who has performed for Prince William’s wife on a number of occasions, sang for her again at the launch of Princess Cruises’ new vessel Royal Princess earlier this year.

    The 31-year-old exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I’ve met her before she’s lovely, I adore her. I just feel like she has an amazing rapport with people, she’s got a lot of love. I always love seeing her, she quite talkative.”

    Natasha flew in from Los Angeles to support her mother Molly Bedingfield at the Global Angels Awards at The Roundhouse in Camden last night (15.11.13).

    Molly set up the charity which helps disadvantaged communities around the world and Natasha sang at the event with ‘X Factor’ judge Nicole Scherzinger.

    The blonde beauty said ahead of the gig: “My mum is so passionate about this cause and it’s just such a wonderful feeling to be involved and bring the music element to this show. Nicole and I have known each other for quite a while now and become very close friends and I’m going to enjoy bringing that energy to the stage, we haven’t performed together before.”

    Natasha, who has been in America for some time, is keeping details of her new album under wraps, but says it will be “soulful.”

    She added: “I’ve been doing a lot of things here [in Britain] and my album is on it’s way.”

    Source: Nzcity.co.nz

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    PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Global Angels Awards 2013

    The Global Angel Awards - Inside

    Yesterday, Natasha attended the Global Angel Music Awards 2013 at The Roundhouse in London, England. Natasha sang a lot of song, including duets with Nicole Scherzinger and her sister Nikola Bedingfield. Check it out:

    ● 11/15/13 – Global Angels Awards 2013 – Red Carpet


    ● 11/15/13 – Global Angels Awards 2013 – Show



    Interview With Molly Bedingfield (x)
    Interview 2 (x)
    These Words (x)
    Pocketful Of Sunshine (x)
    I Bruise Easily (x)
    Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t Cha
    Natasha Bedingfield and Nicole Scherzinger – Ain’t Nobody (x)
    Love Like This (x)
    Soulmate (x)
    No Mozart (x)
    Natasha Bedingfield and P.P. Arnold – Angel of the Morning (x)
    Single (x)
    Between The Raindrops (x)
    Nikola Bedingfield – Take Me Home (x)
    Natasha Bedingfield and Nikola Bedingfield – The Scientist (x)
    Purple Rain (x)
    Weightless (x)
    Get Lucky (x)
    Wild Horses (x)
    Unwritten (x)

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    [INTERVIEW] Charity angel Natasha Bedingfield on ‘changing the world’ and her upcoming album

    British singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield will be headlining this Friday’s Global Angels Awards at London’s Roudhouse, where she will be joined on stage by X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and other artists including her younger sister Nikola.

    The star-studded event has been organised by Natasha’s New Zealand-born mother Molly, founder of the Global Angels charity, which uses donated funds to help break the cycle of poverty on all continents and to transform communities worldwide.

    As an ambassador, Natasha has flown back especially from her home in California, where she lives with her businessman husband Matt Robinson, to show her support. While Natasha is famed for her debut album, Unwritten, which earned her a Grammy Award nomination, it was her brother Daniel that first brought the Bedingfield family name into the public eye with his hit track Gotta Get Thru This.

    Speaking to HELLO! Online, the British-born star, who last year was ranked No 66 on the list of 100 Greatest Women in Music, talks about changing the world, her latest “soulful” album and what really broke her heart.

    How much of an inspiration has your mum been to you?
    “My mum’s always had a lot of dreams for me. I don’t think anyone ever knew that Global Angels would be as big as it was for us, for me and my brother Daniel. But I do know that growing up, it wasn’t an option to not change the world. We were brought up believing that we could actually make the world a better place. And that’s because of her.”

    Why did she decide to set up Global Angels in 2004?
    “She’s just always been very much about other people. She’s done a lot of social work, counselling, and wants to bring about change in a very grassroots way. My mum’s a very passionate person and has always encouraged me to direct my focus outside of myself and not just on what I need and what’s going on in my life. I feel like she really took parenting seriously so I feel very lucky. She’s a good mum. She started the charity and I’ve been a supporter of it from the beginning. I love it because it has the promise that every penny that the public gives goes directly to the on-the-ground projects. Global Angels really raises the bar in terms of what a charity does and it covers so many areas.”

    Have you visited any of the charity’s on-the-ground projects?
    “I went to India, to Mumbai and Calcutta a few years ago. I visited some homes where they rescue underage girls from brothels who have got smuggled into sex, prostitution, and I met some of the girls. They told me their stories and that was life-changing for me.”

    What story moved you the most?
    “The story that really broke my heart was about a girl whose family actually sold her into sexual slavery. These guys from an organisation went undercover and raided the brothel and the girl was later rescued. And there was another girl who was in love with this young guy. It turned out that the guy actually worked for the brothel and was trying to get girls to fall in love with him so that he could trick them. It’s just horrific to think that your first love sells you into slavery.”

    Do you plan to go on more trips abroad?
    “I’d absolutely love to go back to do more charity work. India really has a special place in my heart. I recently met A.R. Rahman – he’s one of the biggest producers and songwriters from there and I’ve been working with him a bit. I think when you go to other countries it really expands your world. I’d love to go to Africa. Maybe next year, I’ll go with mum. She always has trips lined up so I’ll have to get on one of them.”

    Are you looking forward to headlining the Global Angels Awards?
    “I think it’s going to be fantastic. I headlined the awards two years ago. It’s going to be so fun and I love The Roundhouse. I’m going to perform a lot of songs that people know me for, and some covers. I’ll be performing with other artists too. My sister’s going to come on stage with me – she’s a really good artist. We’re best friends. She’s younger than me and it’s very natural for us to do music together.”

    How is your latest album coming along?
    “I’m finishing it right now. I’ve written the songs and I’m just in the final stages of producing them. I’m hoping to release the album as soon as it’s finished. It always takes a bit longer than you hope. I keep writing extra songs – I just can’t help it. I’m very prolific. Once I get into the writing mode, I keep going and I can’t really stop. Hopefully it’ll be ready by summertime next year.”

    Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
    “I just get my inspiration from life, from emotions and conversations. It’s like I put an antenna up and listen to the airwaves of society – what’s going on, what people are feeling, what culture is saying. There was one moment when I was in an orphanage in India, and I had to do an interview. And I was being asked what the most I’d spent on something was and what my favourite product and designer was. It was a bit of a culture shock because there I was, surrounded by people who had nothing, boasting about spending a lot of money. It just put everything into perspective when you realise that that stuff isn’t important but as a society we make it important. So maybe that influenced my last album, Strip Me. It was very much about less is more. That was my theme back then – being more uncluttered.”

    Have you got a theme for this upcoming album?
    “I do. I have a really great concept and I’m really excited about it. I can’t really say what it is yet but I’m writing all my songs around this concept. It’s very different from my other albums and very soulful. It’s going to take the listener on a journey.”

    Did you fly back especially for the Awards?
    “I did, but I’m also just spending more time here because I really miss home. I miss being in England – the food, the people, the fashion. I think I’ll finish my album here. It’s perfect for my music because it’s great changing location. I always feel inspired here. Maybe it’s just a different air or something or just being at home – it’s where you’re from, it’s your territory, it feels like you own the music more.”

    Tickets to the 2013 Global Angels Awards start from £29 and can be purchased from www.globalangels.org/awardstickets.

    Source: Hello Magazine

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