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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    Natasha live at The Final 1 Singapore Grand Finale + Interview

    Natasha Bedingfield had been in Singapore once before with her family when she was really young but Wednesday night (21 Aug) was the first time she performed ‘live’ here. Natasha shared that it felt wonderful when she saw the crowd standing up especially during her performance of ‘Unwritten’. We caught up with the British singer-songwriter backstage after the finale of The Final 1 to find out more about her upcoming plans as well as her thoughts on reality singing competitions.

    Her upcoming album is almost here!

    Speaking of her upcoming fourth studio album, Natasha shared that she had been in the studio recording for the past two years and is really excited about the songs which she has come up with. She also revealed that fans can expect the album to be out early next year!

    “You aim for a date for an album but you don’t want to release it until it’s really ready.”

    She also shared that she would be heading to Japan to shop as well as to the New York Fashion Week. She claimed that all the “fashion stuff” which she is doing is research for her music videos as well as her album cover. Well, any excuse to shop right?

    With regards to a possible tour, Natasha said that she would possibly do one next year and assured us that she will be back here if she does saying, “Absolutely, I have to come back to Singapore.”

    Another Nicki Minaj collaboration?

    Since her last album Strip Me, she has also been busy recording collaborations with several artistes like Simple Plan on the track ‘Jet Lag’ and Lifehouse on the track ‘Between The Raindrops’. She shared with us some of the inspirations behind the collaborations.

    She revealed that Rascal Flatts called her up told her to listen to the song ‘Easy’ which she fell in love with it as it reflected the types of songs she writes; “songs about real experience”.

    Natasha also shared about ‘Last Chance’, which was her collaboration with Nicki Minaj on Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday. Natasha got a call a week before Minaj’s album was completed requesting that she put her voice in the album too.

    She later revealed that she has been working on “some other stuff” with Minaj too! Do we hear another collaboration in the works?

    “The ocean’s a big barrier”

    When we asked Natasha on what she thought was the biggest challenge in breaking out into the international market, she almost immediately replied, “language’. She then added, “Luckily, music seems to transcend that barrier”.

    She then jokingly said that the other biggest barrier was the ocean, telling us that it was challenging to “try to get across the sea and all those places at once, at the same time”.

    Winning a reality singing competition

    We also quizzed Natasha on what she thought it took to win a talent competition.

    “It takes uniqueness, relatability, likeability. The fact that the audience is voting means that you need them to like you.” She also added that there is that “extra special thing” which some people have that makes them stars.

    Check out the video to find out why Natasha would not record a single with her siblings and what song she would sing if she auditioned for a singing competition! Video:http://www.meradio.sg/musicportal/mainframe

    Source: http://www.meradio.com

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    Lifehouse Describes Working With Natasha Bedingfield & Gives Advice to Aspiring Musicans

    Veteran rockers Lifehouse have been around the music scene for a over decade and they don’t have plans to slow down anytime soon, what with the release of their sixth studio album Almería.
    Thanks to Walmart Soundcheck, Hollywire chatted with the guys on a rooftop in Los Angeles (yes, it’s rooftop interview weather in LA) about working with Natasha Bedingfield on “Between the Raindrops” and what piece of advice they have for aspiring musicians.


    Working on a song can be a long, time-consuming process, which “Between the Raindrops” was. Talking about the writing and rewriting process, lead singer Jason Wade explained that after three and a half months of creating it they decided a female voice would be a perfect fit for the song. Knowing Natasha for over six years and admiring her work, they reached out to her and she was in the studio the next week.

    “I think when anything happens and it’s an artistic connection it happens organically and it’s not put together,” Jason explained. “When she came into the studio she sang the song three or four times and the hair on your arm would stand up. It was beautiful and that’s really when the song came to fruition.”

    Source: Hollywire.com

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    Natasha Bedingfield talks writing rituals and style

    Scene’s Nyree caught up with the lovely, bubbly and very talented singer-songwriter

    So, what do you think of Dubai so far?
    I arrived late last night so I didn’t see the surroundings until this morning and it took my breath away because it’s so beautiful. I feel like I’m on a ship or something because I have a really good panoramic view of the ocean [Natasha was staying at the Grosvenor House].

    You’ve been singing your whole life, what are your earliest memories of music?
    I grew up in a very musical home and my brother obviously sings. In fact all the kids in my family – there’s four of us – sing. I thought everybody sang, and then I guess when I turned about 12 I realised that not everyone can, and I started writing songs. I was
    very drawn to songwriting.

    Can you remember the first song you wrote?
    Yeah, it’s probably a song about not being able to write. I remember this incredible urge – I had all this stuff locked up inside me and didn’t know how to get it out. I was very shy, and very self judging. I just thought everything I did was bad, but then I worked on my self-esteem… and also realised that you have to write a few bad songs before you write a good one…

    Even still, I imagine?
    Yeah – if you have writer’s block you have to just start and then you write a few rubbish ones and then you get to the gold.

    Speaking of getting to the gold  – do you have a ritual or process?
    I definitely feel like tea is important. Twinings or PG Tips… although coffee’s not a bad substitute! I’m not sure if I have a ritual. I like to just be in the studio and have a microphone set up, and then I sing all my ideas directly into it, so it’s very much like brainstorming. And I have to make sure I have no filter at that point. I just sing out every idea I have, that way I’m not judging myself. And then I come back and start tweaking it – and that’s the hard part.

    Can you remember a moment that sparked one  of your big hits?
    Unwritten came from a poem that I wrote for my younger brother for his birthday. Him becoming a teenager reminded me of all the uncertainty you feel at that age, and that whole song sprang from that.

    Your music spreads quite a positive message, is that intentional?
    I’m quite melancholic and I  write about twice as many  sad songs, it’s just that people  like the happy songs more. Even on  the albums, there’s a darker side.

    What song exemplifies that side for you?
    There’s a song called Soulmate, and people can interpret a song however they like, and it sounds like it could be a song about your love being out there, but I actually wrote it at a very sad time when I realised that someone wasn’t my soulmate. Pocketful Of Sunshine also comes from feeling rejected, but it has a positive feel. It’s just about whatever helps transport you to a better place in tough times.

    Which of your songs do you feel closest to?
    I normally like about track seven or eight on my albums. They’re hidden in there. I have a real struggle within myself because I’m just good at writing pop songs, but I have a quirky element. Within my albums there’s this kind of war within myself, trying to marry the two things together.

    What do you mean by quirky?
    Like kind of alternative, like a lot of my influences – Radiohead – and then Jamaican influences, and Lauryn Hill, and then Bjork.

    So who is your number one musical inspiration?
    That’s a really hard question – I love Lauryn Hill. I love Floetry, but I always listen to male singers more than female singers. People like Stevie Wonder and Sting…

    Speaking of male singers, do you get your brother – Daniel Bedingfield – to listen to your stuff first?
    No, he’s the last person to listen to my music!

    We’re good mates and I feel like it’s because we don’t show each other our music. We don’t get involved… it’s always been the best way. I worship him, he is my first original idol – he’s two years older than me, and he could sing like Michael Jackson when he was two years old. I watched the video of Justin Bieber drumming as a kid, and I was like, ‘yeah, that’s just how my brother was’, only better! I love Justin, but my brother’s better. I guess I also don’t show him my music because I feel intimidated.

    You’re working on an album right now, what can we expect?
    It’s a new fresh sound. You’ll definitely recognise me in there, it doesn’t sound like a new person, but it is more soulful…

    Who would you love to collaborate with?
    Bruno Mars – I’m talking to a lot of people about collaborations. Mick Jagger would be fun!

    Which young artist do you see something special in?
    I think Ellie Goulding’s got something quite unique, there’s also someone called Jessie Ware.

    What’s your favourite fashion trend?
    I love ethnic jewellery… but actually, I just love it right now as fall is my favourite season – I love all the layers.

    And what’s something not many people know about you?
    I make a lot of dirty jokes. When I’m in a creative mood… I feel like I’ve got some kind of creative tourettes – it just all comes out.

    It must be hard to film things live then!

    And if you weren’t a musician, what would you’d be?
    I’d be a writer… the first single I had was These Words… I probably write about 10-20 pages per song. And I wrote a poem on Twitter once, live… it took a lot of tweets to fit all the characters!

    Source: Gulfnews.com/

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    Lifehouse & Natasha Bedingfield Explain the Meaning of “Between the Raindrops”

    The epic video for “Between the Raindrops,” Lifehouse’s duet with Natasha Bedingfield, is filled with gorgeous shots of nature: galloping horses, sun drenched trees, mountains and, of course, rain storms. But the imagery wasn’t chosen at random; it all comes together to give the video a symbolic meaning.

    “The concept was kind of metaphoric in nature,” Lifehouse singer Jason Wade tells Fuse. “There’s this kind of urgency between myself and Natasha. From a distance, you can feel this massive storm coming. It’s a metaphor for life. For making it through turbulent times. ”

    Bedingfield had a similar take on the song and video.”The video is very symbolic,” she says. “It’s about relationships. It’s about the struggles we go through and the safety of having someone you know, and how incredible it is when you do get through those struggles. ”

    For more, including information about the location of the video shoot, watch the full interview above.

    Source: Fuse.tv

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    [Khaleej Times] Exclusive interview with Natasha Bedingfield

    BREAKING ONTO THE scene eight years ago, Natasha Bedingfield was initially thought of and referred to as Gotta Get Thru This star Daniel Bedingfield’s pretty younger sister.
    As the years have passed, however, her trademark blonde barnet, soulful voice and catchy pop tunes including Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine have seen her rise into the ascendancy and establish herself as one of Britain’s premier female soloists.

    In town on Thursday as part of Starwood Hotel’s Preferred Guests loyalty initiative, which gave members a chance to use their Starpoints to bid for access to a private performance by the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, we caught up with Natasha for a quick chat.

    What does a solo show like this entail?

    I like to mix it up. I don’t like performances to sound exactly like the record. I feel live shows should offer something different. Sometimes it’s more laid back like this show. There is just a guitar and a drummer. Sometimes I’ll have a whole band.

    How do you find Dubai?

    I really like it here. The view out of the Grosvenor House, where I am staying, is amazing. The hotel gave me some chocolates and they had crystals on them. That’s one thing I notice about this place – everything is sparkly. People use the phrase, ‘only in Dubai,’ and that is most definitely a good thing. Everything is a little bit more extravagant and classy.

    Are you travelling a lot at the moment?

    I’m working on my next album. I’ll come out here and there, but I’m not on a major tour at the moment. Most of my day is spent in the studio.

    What can you reveal about your upcoming record?

    It’s going to be my best yet. My last album was, ‘less is more.’ This album is, ‘the more, the better.’ It mixes modern sounds with an old-fashioned vibe. I can’t contain my excitement for it even though I’m not supposed to talk about it too much!

    How do you think your sound has evolved since your debut?

    I have become a better singer. Touring for seven years either makes your voice stronger or weaker. Thankfully mine is better. My range and technique have increased and I feel the tone of my voice is a lot more soulful. I’m digging deeper.

    And the music scene, how has that changed?

    I love the evolution of music. You can’t have one artist without another that came before them. You couldn’t have had me without Blondie or if there had never been No Doubt. And there are some artists today you couldn’t have had without me. Right now I really like Ellie Goulding and am so proud and pleased for Adele.

    How is your brother doing? Are you close?

    He broke from his record label and has just released a song off his own back. It’s available online and it’s fantastic. We keep in touch a lot.

    Do you have any future collaborations planned?

    I’m always thinking of quirky collaborations. There is one on American radio right now I did with Lifehouse called Between the Raindrops. Specific names for the future, I unfortunately can’t reveal at the moment. You’ll have to get the album!

    Source: Khaleejtimes.com

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    [AHLANLIVE] Exclusive interview with Natasha Bedingfield

    Ahlan! chats to singer Natasha about music, love and her brother Daniel

    British singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, best known for her hits Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine, was in Dubai for an exclusive acoustic performance for members of Moments by Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). We caught up with her for a chat to her before the gig on 1 November, where, after spying the latest copy of Ahlan! with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover, Natasha squealed, “I know them! Kim is lovely! She’s very, very sweet! Kanye’s also lovely to me, but I don’t know what he’s like to other people!”
    How are you finding Dubai?
    Good! I just arrived here last night and today I’ve been rehearsing with a drummer who came in from England because my drummer was caught in Washington DC.
    As a songwriter, what inspires you?
    I get inspired by everything from my relationships to people that I meet and stories that I hear. I keep my ears open! I write things down. I’m always thinking of songs titles.
    Do you and your brother have any rivalry as you’re both musicians?
    Not really. I really adore him and look up to him so if anything I over-adore him. He’s my main inspiration, he’s the person I learnt off. He’s always been very supportive of me! We fight about normal brother and sister stuff.

    Your new album is out next year. What stories are you telling on this record?
    This album is going to be about relationships and love, which I’ve never really done. I’ve never really covered that so I’m doing it as an album.

    What kind of love? Married life or heartbreak?
    Well, that’s the challenge because being married, you can’t just write about your own personal stories. I feel like it’s incorporating some of the stuff that I’ve gone through but also the people around me. It’s not going to be only about me, that would be boring!
    Read the full interview in an upcoming issue of Ahlan! where Natasha opens up about her latest work, her bestie Lewis Hamilton and why she married a “normal” man!

    Source: Ahlanlive.com

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    [Bellasugar] Exclusive! Watch Natasha Bedingfield’s Look Go From 0 to 60

    One of the highlights of fashion week? Heading over to Natasha Bedingfield’s suite at the Empire Hotel while she was being prepped by hairstylist Ricardo Rojas and makeup artist Celeste Duquesne for the Y-3 runway show. The singer was going for an ’80s vintage Chanel look (think smoky eyes, bright lips, and expertly zuzhed hair) and told us that even when getting the red-carpet treatment, she mixes her Tom Ford True Coral lipstick with, well, everything. To see the full finished look — set to Bedingfield’s “Touch” — watch our video now.

    Source: Bellasugar.com.au

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    Natasha Bedingfield On Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: ‘Extremely Cute’

    HollywoodLife.com caught up EXCLUSIVELY with Natasha Bedingfield who gushed about Justin and Selena’s relationship and told us who’s her pick in the battle of Justin vs. One Direction! Read on for all the inside scoop.

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be one of the cutest couples in all of Hollywood, and we’re not the only ones who think so! The adorable twosome have a celebrity fan in Natasha Bedingfield!

    HollywoodLife.com spoke exclusively with Natasha backstage at the Christian Siriano Spring 2013 show on Saturday, Sept. 8. She told us that she thinks Justin and Selena are a great couple. “They’re extremely cute. They’re beautiful. I love it,” she told us about the relationship.

    Natasha also revealed that she and Justin are friends! “I do know Justin, we’re good friends. I think it’s wonderful how he’s done so well. He really can sing, he really can deliver, which is, I think, always an important thing for me,” she says. “I think his new album is so brilliant and, musically, really good, too.”

    When we confronted Natasha with the difficult choice of choosing between friend Justin and the boys of One Direction, she played it safe. “Well, I have to say One Direction because they’re from England, but I also do love Bieber,” she said.

    Watch the full interview with Natasha below to hear more of her thoughts on Justin and One Direction, as well who her dream music collaborators would be. Her answer might surprise you!

    Source: Hollywoodlife.com

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    [AH LA LIVE] Exclusive Interview with Natasha Bedingfield

    Ahead of her gig at the Dance Arena Festival in Dubai, Natasha spills on her Prince William crush and who she calls her “booty guard”

    It’s your first time to Dubai – got any plans while you’re in town?
    I’m just looking forward to meeting people. I already know a lot of the other performers at the festival so it’ll be nice to catch up with them again.

    You’ve been linked to celebs like Nick Lachey and Adam Levine but you ended up marrying someone out of the spotlight – what impact has that had on your relationship with him?
    For me, it’s been a real blessing that I fell in love with someone who’s not in the same industry. I think we have more of a chance!

    How does he cope with being married to a famous pop star?
    He’s amazing – he’s so protective and so natural in the environments we’re in. Sometimes we’ll go on the red carpet at events like the Grammy’s and the photographers will start yelling out that they want shots of just me on my own and it feels like that’s a little insulting. But he’s not really someone who craves the limelight, so he’s happy to stand back and let me shine. He’s a real gentleman and he makes me feel looked after. Most of the time, people think he’s my bodyguard because he’s so big. I call him my booty-guard!

    You once described Prince William as “gorgeous” – what do you think of his wife Kate Middleton?
    [Laughs] I forget the things I say sometimes! He is absolutely charming. At the same time I met Prince William I also met Kate. They were split up at the time, but I could see that there was this incredible chemistry between them. She has this radiance and I remember thinking, it would be a shame if he let that one go.

    Your brother Daniel is also a singer – would you ever release a duet?
    You never know. We recently did a show for my mum’s charity, Global Angels, in England. It was just supposed to be my concert, but then my brother and Leona Lewis ended up on stage and we had a big jam, which was really cool.

    You once accidently sent a pretty racy text message to a family friend – do you have any other embarrassing moments you’d share with us?
    [Laughs] I forgot about that! It was funny! I have a lot of embarrassing scenarios. I’ve got very pale skin and I hate the fact that I blush. The problem with blushing is that it makes you look guilty, even when you’re not.

    Lots of celebs have had their phones hacked recently – if yours was hacked, would there be any pics on it that’d make headlines? 
    I’m very paranoid about that kind of stuff so I’m normally careful what I keep on my phone. I hate the fact that people can hack in and I hope that it isn’t the direction the world is heading in. We might have to start writing things down on paper! I have to stop myself thinking like that though, because then you get too paranoid.

    What song can’t you get out of your head?
    I love Sia’s songs! Her track Titanium that she did with David Guetta, I love it; it makes me happy whenever I hear it. Another song she’s just done with Flo Rida called Wild One is awesome too. I’ve been listening to Bon Iver’s recent album Bon Iver, Bon Iver nonstop too.

    Source: Ahlanlive.com

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    [Interview] Natasha Bedingfield, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

    While it may have been Natasha Bedingfield’s musical prowess that put her in the spotlight (who hasn’t caught themselves unknowingly humming “Unwritten” or “Pocketful of Sunshine?”) her distinct self-described “whimsical rock ‘n’ roll” style has earned her place in the StyleBistro limelight.

    This songstress pretty much has creativity coming out of her pores and shared with us that she is currently in the midst of working on a new album and will make her big screen debut at Tribeca. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty fashion details: Check out our guest editor’s favorite designers, trends she’ll be wearing come spring and her biggest red carpet regret (teaser: she was compared to a stripper).

    StyleBistro: How would you describe your style?
    Natasha Bedingfield: I like bold, eclectic silhouettes. Whimsical, where vintage meets rock ‘n’ roll—where feminine meets masculine.

    SB: Who are your style icons?
    Natasha: Grace Jones, Vivienne Westwood, Gwen Stefani.

    SB: What has been your favorite red carpet outfit?
    Natasha: I really liked what I wore to the (2011) Grammys—the purple dress. I love that it had a shape to it. There’s also this wonderful coat that I was wearing by Missoni with a tartan kind of pattern. I also went to a Clive Davis party and I dressed in a more masculine look, a boyish look, with my hair all pulled back. The suit that was open in the decolletage area but my hair was back and I kept my makeup simple and I really enjoyed that (as seen to the left).

    SB: Any red carpet regrets?
    Natasha: I wore some very high platform stilettos for the Princess Diana tribute concert that Prince William and Prince Harry asked me to sing at. In the press the next day, they were saying that they were stripper shoes! I guess wrong shoes for the wrong occasion. The shoes made me feel great though.

    SB: Who are your favorite designers? What do you like about them?
    Natasha: I love Vivienne Westwood. I love English designers. To me, it’s a taste of home. I also come from New Zealand, my family comes from New Zealand, so I like to incorporate couture with a more natural look. I love McQueen, l always have. I love Matthew Williamson, and I also love Diane von Furstenberg. I also love vintage—anything that has history and personality.

    SB: What trends for spring are you looking forward to wearing?
    Natasha: I just love the spring jacket. I love those lighter colors, as well. You can have a trench coat, a Burberry trench, in a light material. I love that it’s getting warmer and you get to show more skin. I just really love spring colors.

    SB: How does your stage style differ from your regular style?
    Natasha: Stage wear just has to be extra bold. It has to really stand out under the lights. You’re just a little person on a big stage so your outfit can be a lot bigger and I think people on the red carpet can look like they are dressing for Halloween. So for the red carpet I try to be classy, but were I really go crazy is on stage.

    SB: Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
    Natasha: I’m working on my new album, so I’m in the creative mode right now. So expect to hear new stuff from me and see some new looks I’m working on. I’ve got a really creative team around me, photo shoots and writing, it’s just the most awesome time where anything can happen.

    I’m also in a movie that is coming out in Tribeca and it’s called Russian Winter with John Forte. I also performed with him at Sundance so that was really awesome. We actually went to Russia and sang with local Russian musicians and it is just a wonderful album that’s coming out and also a movie.

    SB: Anything else you’d like to add style-wise?
    Natasha: I love Zanotti shoes. I love stilettos. I think they make everything look great—they make me look powerful. There are some really cool ones that I wore on Ellen that I loved. Also, sometimes I dress to match my lingerie.

    Source: Stylebistro.com

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