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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    [LIVESTREAM] Watch The Global Angels Awards 2013

    EDIT: New images of Natasha arriving at Global Angel Music Awards

    ● 11/15/13 – Global Angels Awards 2013


    EDIT: Watch Natasha and Molly Bedingfield’s interview at the red carpet.

    EDIT: Watch Natasha’s solo interview at the VIP room.


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    [INTERVIEW] Charity angel Natasha Bedingfield on ‘changing the world’ and her upcoming album

    British singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield will be headlining this Friday’s Global Angels Awards at London’s Roudhouse, where she will be joined on stage by X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and other artists including her younger sister Nikola.

    The star-studded event has been organised by Natasha’s New Zealand-born mother Molly, founder of the Global Angels charity, which uses donated funds to help break the cycle of poverty on all continents and to transform communities worldwide.

    As an ambassador, Natasha has flown back especially from her home in California, where she lives with her businessman husband Matt Robinson, to show her support. While Natasha is famed for her debut album, Unwritten, which earned her a Grammy Award nomination, it was her brother Daniel that first brought the Bedingfield family name into the public eye with his hit track Gotta Get Thru This.

    Speaking to HELLO! Online, the British-born star, who last year was ranked No 66 on the list of 100 Greatest Women in Music, talks about changing the world, her latest “soulful” album and what really broke her heart.

    How much of an inspiration has your mum been to you?
    “My mum’s always had a lot of dreams for me. I don’t think anyone ever knew that Global Angels would be as big as it was for us, for me and my brother Daniel. But I do know that growing up, it wasn’t an option to not change the world. We were brought up believing that we could actually make the world a better place. And that’s because of her.”

    Why did she decide to set up Global Angels in 2004?
    “She’s just always been very much about other people. She’s done a lot of social work, counselling, and wants to bring about change in a very grassroots way. My mum’s a very passionate person and has always encouraged me to direct my focus outside of myself and not just on what I need and what’s going on in my life. I feel like she really took parenting seriously so I feel very lucky. She’s a good mum. She started the charity and I’ve been a supporter of it from the beginning. I love it because it has the promise that every penny that the public gives goes directly to the on-the-ground projects. Global Angels really raises the bar in terms of what a charity does and it covers so many areas.”

    Have you visited any of the charity’s on-the-ground projects?
    “I went to India, to Mumbai and Calcutta a few years ago. I visited some homes where they rescue underage girls from brothels who have got smuggled into sex, prostitution, and I met some of the girls. They told me their stories and that was life-changing for me.”

    What story moved you the most?
    “The story that really broke my heart was about a girl whose family actually sold her into sexual slavery. These guys from an organisation went undercover and raided the brothel and the girl was later rescued. And there was another girl who was in love with this young guy. It turned out that the guy actually worked for the brothel and was trying to get girls to fall in love with him so that he could trick them. It’s just horrific to think that your first love sells you into slavery.”

    Do you plan to go on more trips abroad?
    “I’d absolutely love to go back to do more charity work. India really has a special place in my heart. I recently met A.R. Rahman – he’s one of the biggest producers and songwriters from there and I’ve been working with him a bit. I think when you go to other countries it really expands your world. I’d love to go to Africa. Maybe next year, I’ll go with mum. She always has trips lined up so I’ll have to get on one of them.”

    Are you looking forward to headlining the Global Angels Awards?
    “I think it’s going to be fantastic. I headlined the awards two years ago. It’s going to be so fun and I love The Roundhouse. I’m going to perform a lot of songs that people know me for, and some covers. I’ll be performing with other artists too. My sister’s going to come on stage with me – she’s a really good artist. We’re best friends. She’s younger than me and it’s very natural for us to do music together.”

    How is your latest album coming along?
    “I’m finishing it right now. I’ve written the songs and I’m just in the final stages of producing them. I’m hoping to release the album as soon as it’s finished. It always takes a bit longer than you hope. I keep writing extra songs – I just can’t help it. I’m very prolific. Once I get into the writing mode, I keep going and I can’t really stop. Hopefully it’ll be ready by summertime next year.”

    Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
    “I just get my inspiration from life, from emotions and conversations. It’s like I put an antenna up and listen to the airwaves of society – what’s going on, what people are feeling, what culture is saying. There was one moment when I was in an orphanage in India, and I had to do an interview. And I was being asked what the most I’d spent on something was and what my favourite product and designer was. It was a bit of a culture shock because there I was, surrounded by people who had nothing, boasting about spending a lot of money. It just put everything into perspective when you realise that that stuff isn’t important but as a society we make it important. So maybe that influenced my last album, Strip Me. It was very much about less is more. That was my theme back then – being more uncluttered.”

    Have you got a theme for this upcoming album?
    “I do. I have a really great concept and I’m really excited about it. I can’t really say what it is yet but I’m writing all my songs around this concept. It’s very different from my other albums and very soulful. It’s going to take the listener on a journey.”

    Did you fly back especially for the Awards?
    “I did, but I’m also just spending more time here because I really miss home. I miss being in England – the food, the people, the fashion. I think I’ll finish my album here. It’s perfect for my music because it’s great changing location. I always feel inspired here. Maybe it’s just a different air or something or just being at home – it’s where you’re from, it’s your territory, it feels like you own the music more.”

    Tickets to the 2013 Global Angels Awards start from £29 and can be purchased from www.globalangels.org/awardstickets.

    Source: Hello Magazine

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    1 more day to go…..and Nicole Scherzinger is singing with Natasha Bedingfield

    Natasha and Nicole

    Hey guys, i just received an e-mail with great news about Global Angel Awards 2013. Check it out:

    I am thrilled to let you in on the big secret we’ve been keeping for the last few weeks….

    Nicole Scherzinger has joined the line up that will be performing alongside Natasha at the Global Angel Awards this Friday evening. I am so excited! We still have tickets left for the concert so please join us or send out messages to your friends who can.

    The cost of the tickets for the concert only part of the evening are £29 for balcony seats or £70 at a table of 4, and we still have some tables and seats available. Tickets available to buy here.

    The whole event will be live-streamed from 6.30pm tomorrow tonight GMT time. Access to view live-stream will be from a media player on the homepage of our website natashafan.com

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    [PHOTOS] Natasha Bedingfield and Carly Simon share a kiss on the blue carpet as they arrive at award gala

    Natasha and Carly Simon

    It appeared as if Natasha Bedingfield had a new BFF in the form of 80s icon Carly Simon when they attended a star-studded bash together on Wednesday.

    The singers shared a kiss with each other before holding hands while posing on the blue carpet at the Oceana’s Partners Award Gala in Beverly Hills.

    The blondes might seem like an odd pairing, with the 68-year-old being more than twice the Unwritten singer’s age.

    ● 09/21/13 – Concert In Aid Of Peace One Day – After Party


    The 31-year-old chose a black jumpsuit for the occasion, which featured revealing cut-out panels and backless design.

    Sister of fellow singer Daniel Bedingfield finished off her look with incredibly high, platform green heels and a chunky statement necklace.

    While her companion opted for a metallic frilly dress complete with matching boots, and fingerless leather gloves.


    They wrote a song together. Click here and check it out!

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    New registered songs

    Concert In Aid Of 'Peace One Day'
    Natasha Bedingfield, Toby Gad and Colbie Caillat

    Excited news about Natasha’s new album! New songs were registered on Natasha’s page at ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.). Make sure to check them out:








    We hope to get more songs soon.

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    NatashaFan’s new layout for Global Angels Awards 2013

    Hey guys, hope you like our new layout for Global Angels Awards 2013. I’m so happy to announce that we’re doing an exclusive coverage of this event right here with livestream, videos and photos! Like Global Angels Awards 2011, Natasha will perform with special guest (including her sister Nikola Bedingfield) and we hope that she sings new songs.


    This year’s event is set to be a musical treat with Grammy and Brit nominated singing sensation Natasha Bedingfield headlining the Awards Concert. Natasha will be supported by Amelle, Raphaella, Nikola Bedingfield (The Golden Phoenix), Ha Anh Vu, international supermodel and Presenter of Vietnams Next Top Model, David Soar, along with a line-up of international stars tbc. With such an array of talent associated with Global Angels it is only fitting that this year’s event will be held at one of London’s most prestigious music venues and home to the itunes Festival, The Roundhouse. Lighting and set designers, Simon Deary (LED Poison – X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, 2011 Take That Tour) and Jonathan Park (Pink Floyd, The Wall, Thriller) are already crafting a visual spectacle that will captivate throughout the evening. A two hour after-party will feature KRYSTALROXX Live, followed by a mind-blowing set from a celebrity DJ, taking the celebrations into the early hours. The Global Angel Awards provide the perfect opportunity to support the Foundation raise significant funds to provide resources for transforming disadvantaged communities in the developing world.

    Make sure to but your tickets here

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    [PHOTOS & VIDEO] Concert In Aid Of ‘Peace One Day’

    Concert In Aid Of 'Peace One Day'

    Make sure to watch Natasha’s amazing performance at the annual Peace One Day concert at the Peace Palace on September 21, 2013 in The Hague. Photos have been added to the gallery, and you can find videos of the performances below!

    ● 09/21/13 – Concert In Aid Of Peace One Day – Show


    ● 09/21/13 – Concert In Aid Of Peace One Day – After Party



    These Words
    Pocketful Of Sunshine

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    Twitter Q&A this Thursday 9/5 at 2pm PST!


    Make sure to follow her at https://twitter.com/Natashabdnfield
    and start sending your questions using the hashtag #askNatashaB

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    ”New” Old cover : ”Brown Skin” of India.Arie


    In Live section of Napster,in 2004, Natasha sang Unwritten, I bruise easily , These words and Brown skyn a cover of India Arie’s song.

    Listen :


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    Natasha live at The Final 1 Singapore Grand Finale + Interview

    Natasha Bedingfield had been in Singapore once before with her family when she was really young but Wednesday night (21 Aug) was the first time she performed ‘live’ here. Natasha shared that it felt wonderful when she saw the crowd standing up especially during her performance of ‘Unwritten’. We caught up with the British singer-songwriter backstage after the finale of The Final 1 to find out more about her upcoming plans as well as her thoughts on reality singing competitions.

    Her upcoming album is almost here!

    Speaking of her upcoming fourth studio album, Natasha shared that she had been in the studio recording for the past two years and is really excited about the songs which she has come up with. She also revealed that fans can expect the album to be out early next year!

    “You aim for a date for an album but you don’t want to release it until it’s really ready.”

    She also shared that she would be heading to Japan to shop as well as to the New York Fashion Week. She claimed that all the “fashion stuff” which she is doing is research for her music videos as well as her album cover. Well, any excuse to shop right?

    With regards to a possible tour, Natasha said that she would possibly do one next year and assured us that she will be back here if she does saying, “Absolutely, I have to come back to Singapore.”

    Another Nicki Minaj collaboration?

    Since her last album Strip Me, she has also been busy recording collaborations with several artistes like Simple Plan on the track ‘Jet Lag’ and Lifehouse on the track ‘Between The Raindrops’. She shared with us some of the inspirations behind the collaborations.

    She revealed that Rascal Flatts called her up told her to listen to the song ‘Easy’ which she fell in love with it as it reflected the types of songs she writes; “songs about real experience”.

    Natasha also shared about ‘Last Chance’, which was her collaboration with Nicki Minaj on Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday. Natasha got a call a week before Minaj’s album was completed requesting that she put her voice in the album too.

    She later revealed that she has been working on “some other stuff” with Minaj too! Do we hear another collaboration in the works?

    “The ocean’s a big barrier”

    When we asked Natasha on what she thought was the biggest challenge in breaking out into the international market, she almost immediately replied, “language’. She then added, “Luckily, music seems to transcend that barrier”.

    She then jokingly said that the other biggest barrier was the ocean, telling us that it was challenging to “try to get across the sea and all those places at once, at the same time”.

    Winning a reality singing competition

    We also quizzed Natasha on what she thought it took to win a talent competition.

    “It takes uniqueness, relatability, likeability. The fact that the audience is voting means that you need them to like you.” She also added that there is that “extra special thing” which some people have that makes them stars.

    Check out the video to find out why Natasha would not record a single with her siblings and what song she would sing if she auditioned for a singing competition! Video:http://www.meradio.sg/musicportal/mainframe

    Source: http://www.meradio.com

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